Chatsworth, CA, August 12, 2020 – Careismatic Brands today announced a $500,000 donation of its Classroom brand school uniforms to assist families in need during the COVID-19 crisis. In partnership with local, community-based, uniform stores nationwide, the Classroom brand will work with school administrators to fulfill requests for school uniforms for kindergarten to 12th grade students in their community.

“We wanted to help support families hit hardest financially during this pandemic crisis. As well as help children get ready for an unusual return back to school whether remote or in person,” said Mike Singer, Chief Executive Officer, Careismatic Brands, Inc.

“The coronavirus chaos is everywhere. Children are especially vulnerable to the lack of a consistent schedule. Getting dressed in school clothes every morning, especially as a new school year is set to begin, is an important daily routine that offers comfort and familiarity for children struggling with the unpredictability of pandemic life,” said Dr. Kellen Glinder, a Silicon Valley pediatrician and founder of, a website dedicated to pediatric health education for parents and families.

Parents are looking for a variety of ways to motivate their children as the focus from summer vacation shifts back to school. According to Dr. Glinder, predictability is key and helps ease childhood stress, especially during these times. He offers the following additional advice:

  • Provide a predictable schedule. A healthy morning routine such as a consistent wake-up time, breakfast and a conversation on the day’s activities are great ways to help children stay calm and ease
  • For the same reason, a consistent bedtime routine and a predictable time for “lights out” also help. Children benefit from having all screens turned off a least an hour before

To receive Classroom’s free school uniforms, the company requests that school administrators fill the online form request. Careismatic Brands will do its best to meet specific requests, based upon available remaining inventory quantities.

Classroom school uniforms are sold in local, community-based retail specialty stores selling high-quality, trusted branded school uniforms.


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